My Baby’s First Easter

We had a wonderful and crazy Easter at this house!


I put together a little Easter basket for him because we’re not going to do the classic “Easter bunny” tradition. In his basket he got a swim hat, wipes, tank top & matching shorts, dress shirt onesie, stuffed bunny, first tooth brush, Easter onesie & matching sock, and a sippy cup. Yes, I know I’m ridiculous, and he probably won’t remember any of this. It’s fun to do it anyways though!


Jayce’s godmother, Maribeth, came over to dye Easter eggs the day before. That’s been our tradition for years and years, and I love that we’re continuing it on with Little Man.


My family, including kids & spouses/boyfriends or girlfriends make the perfect dozen. I think that’s cute!


Jayce’s egg was Batman themed. I’m a little too Batman crazy 😉


Auntie Maribeth even came bearing gifts. It was a super cute summer outfit with little shoes!


The next day (Easter) was even crazier! We went to church, came home just long enough to change, and then headed out to eat with tons of family 🙂


Let’s just say Jayce was definitely pooped out after all of that. We ended off the night with movies and cuddles.


All in all, I’d say Monkey’s first Resurection Day was a hit! I loved spending it with the ones I love, and I know Jayce will have just as much love next year as he did this year.


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