A Day In The Life Of A Teen Mom

Hi guys,

For those of you who don’t already know…I’m seventeen years old, and I’m the mother of an (almost) seven month old baby boy. I stay home with him, clean the house, do school, and live a crazy life.

Anyways, as any stay-at-home-momma knows, our lives stray far from routine. They’re unpredictable, and you always have to be flexible when it comes to a baby. I’ve compiled a “typical” day in my life. These are real life, low quality photos that I took (so don’t judge me). 🙂


Jayce lets me know he’s awake! I nurse him in bed with me. Sometimes after his belly is full, he’ll cuddle me, but these times are rare (I’m not happy about it).


I change Jayce’s diaper, and get him dressed for the day. Usually this isn’t the only outfit he wears because poopy blow outs and spit up are often around here.


Jayce usually hangs out with Gia & Gipa (my parents) while I make myself something to drink. I usually go for chai or hot chocolate. I’m not too into coffee anymore.


Jayce spends a couple hours cuddling me or rolling all around our living room 🙂


While Jayce is playing around, I make breakfast. Oatmeal topped with flax meal, coconut oil, cinnamon, milk, and brown sugar is my favorite. Plus oatmeal, flax meal, and coconut oil boost milk supply.


Once he starts getting a little cranky, I nurse him. He usually passes out eating, so I’ll lay him down in his pack n’ play or leave him on the couch and just keep an eye on him. He usually naps for about 30 minutes. During that time I work on school work, cleaning, or pumping.


I like to have a morning snack. This was toffee nut granola, oven roasted almonds, and some chocolate from Easter. People don’t realize how hungry breastfeeding makes you.


After Jayce wakes up from his short nap, I try to take a shower or bath. Most of the time Jayce just tags along because I know he won’t tolerate being away from his Momma.


After that, I make lunch. It’s usually leftovers or something easy like this. Canned chicken noodle soup is my go to.


Then I nurse the little rugrat!


I try to get some homework done while being a Mommy. That usually doesn’t go quite so well.


I try to give him a sippy cup with breastmilk while he watches Daniel Tiger, Rugrats, or Praise Baby. I always pray that he’ll take it and that he won’t get it all over himself. Unfortunately, he only likes milk straight from the source.


I change another diaper.


I nurse my little love, and he’ll pass out for another short nap.


After he wakes up, he plays a little more.


He will usually nurse and pass out for another nap…again just 30 minutes. After he wakes up we spend some more time hanging out, and around this time I eat supper.


He’ll get another diaper change and feeding before he heads off to bed. He usually wakes up 2-4 times throughout the night.


The picture above isn’t mine, but I thought that this was pretty cute. I spend the rest of my evening (abour four hours) doing school work til I can’t see, pumping until I’m empty, and letting myself have me time (which is occasionally only)

Being a mom is far from easy, but adding on very little time to myself is even harder. But at the end of the night, I get to see my sweet little baby fast asleep and I know that he’s worth everything.


4 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of A Teen Mom

  1. Congratulations! I exclusively pumped for the first two months until medical reasons I had to quit and now my 9 month old is on donor milk. I admire your ability to finish school, parent, and breast feed! It is not easy being a stay at home (which I am at 25), house work, school, and pump/nurse. Our schedule is similar minus the pumping and school. I was a single mom for a while but am now married and it does get easier! My little one still wakes up 2-4 times a night and I’m hoping the end is in sight. Keep up the awesome work!


    • Thank you!! It’s awesome that you are doing that for your little one 🙂 Being a stay at home mom is stressful but it’s so worth it, which I’m sure you know! I’m already looking forward to a full night’s sleep, but until then I’ll enjoy the cuddles.

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