Real Life Motherhood Photos

So I constantly see gorgeous pictures of new moms with skinny bodies. They are holding their new little baby. The baby is sleeping or has a sweet smile on their face. But motherhood isn’t like that, not usually at least. Motherhood is beautiful, but it’s scary, sad, and ugly too.


Motherhood isn’t always photos like this. Motherhood isn’t a beautiful image capturing this beautiful moment because moments like this don’t happen that often.


Motherhood is comparing your baby to other babies. Is my baby behind schedule? Do they think I’m a bad mom? are often thoughts that cross my mind.


Motherhood is doing your best to practice proper car seat safety and still managing to screw it up. Other moms look at you like you’re an awful parent if your baby’s chest clip is 1/32 of an inch off.


Motherhood is a screaming baby who won’t cooperate when all you want is to get the perfect 1 Month picture.


Motherhood is cross eyed babies. Don’t worry his face didn’t get stuck like that.


Motherhood is acne face and no makeup to cover it up.


Motherhood is the mess of trying to co-parent with someone you don’t always agree with. It’s compromising on the stuff you really don’t want to compromise on.


Motherhood is a little boy grabbing your phone and screaming until you give it back to him.


Motherhood is leaving them wherever they fall asleep because there’s no freaking way that you’re going to wake up a sleeping baby.


Motherhood is days where you don’t want to get off of the couch.


Motherhood is nursing until your nipples bleed. The idea of giving your little one the best future takes over the pain.


Motherhood is letting someone slobber all over your camera, just to make them happy.


Motherhood is spending two hours taking lip stick off of your son because you thought this would be a cute Valentine’s Day picture. It so wasn’t!


Motherhood is throwing your hair up into a bun because it’s greasy and you didn’t have time to wash it.


Motherhood is taking the time to make homemade diaper rash cream because you don’t want your son to have loads of chemicals on his precious little booty.


Motherhood is getting super excited about getting your son and nephew out of their coats after a walk without waking them up!


Motherhood is spending way too much money on things your little one can’t even thank you for yet.


So yes, motherhood is beautiful and ugly. It’s perfect and awful. It’s stretch marks and cuddles. It’s happiness and pain. Motherhood is raw. It’s everything, and I would do it all over again for moments like this.


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