Productive Moms Don’t Exist

Have you ever looked at Pintrest, Instagram, or Facebook and saw a post of a mom bragging about her done laundry, clean sink, swept floors, and sleeping baby? I have, and I’m here to tell you that I do not believe a single one of those moms.


Productive days don’t exist, not when you’re a mom, and they definitely don’t happen in my house. My to-do list is always about 20 to-dos (if that’s the right word) long, and when one things get crossed off the list about 3 more are added to it. I have a daily goal of doing one load of dishes, one load of laundry, pumping, and keeping Jayce alive.

And luckily, I have succeeded in keeping my sweet man alive for 8 months! 😉


And you know what? I’m learning not to care.

Jayce is clingy, and he ALWAYS needs his Momma. I’ll leave him on the ground to play with toys. All he does is stare up at me and cry. I will glance over a sink full off dishes, an overflowing laundry basket, baby toys scattered all over the ground, and then guess what? Then I pick up my baby.


So good for those six armed moms with clean houses and happy babies! 🙂 But I know that I won’t always have a sweet little snuggly baby. Someday he’ll be all grown up. The dishes will be there as long as I leave them, but having a little boy who wants me this bad just won’t last forever.



Jayce is EIGHT months old…already.


I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. Sometimes I seriously manage to convince myself that he is ONE day old. I looked at the calendar and saw that it was the tenth. I thought “Hey, Jayce is one month older today”. We have stickers for each additional month he is older, and I almost cried when I opened the box to see a large number 8 on the sticker for today.


Jayce can say “Yay” and “Dada”. He rolls everywhere. I seriously will leave the room for 2 minutes, and when I come back he’ll be on the other end of the living room. He’s also working on crawling 🙂


We are working on more solids, but he’s not a fan of most “food-food” except pickles and blueberries 😉 But for now he’s mainly just a breast milk baby, and we’ll continue to slowly offer more and more solids until he comes around to the taste and texture of big kid food!


Jayce is becoming so aware of his surroundings. He gets the biggest smile on his face whenever he sees Gipa (Grandpa), Gia (Grandma), Mommy, or Daddy. Jayce’s new favorite thing is animals…although Orange Guy (the cat pictured above) is not a fan of Jayce.


My sweet little man does EVERYTHING with me. When I say everything, I mean it. He showers with me, comes potty with me, and even sleeps in the same bed as me. He’s my sweet little partner in every aspect of life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Jayce is the sweetest little boy I’ve ever met. He’s the best part of my day, and he’s my greatest accomplishment. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love my eight month old. I actually get worried if I’ll have enough love to give my next little baby when that time comes.


So thank you for joining me on this journey of motherhood over the past 8 months. It’s been a beautiful one, and I love being a mommy. I will do my best to continue capturing the wonderful adventures of motherhood. 🙂

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