Why I’m Not Good At Being Friends With Girls

I’m just not good at being friends with girls. I want to be though, really really bad, but I’m terrible about it. I day dream about getting together with some of my girlfriends watching cheesy romantic comedies while painting our nails next to a big bowl of buttery popcorn. I want to do facials and talk about who is dating who. I want someone to be my shoulder to cry on when life is going how I imagined it would, and I want to be that shoulder for someone else too.

But no matter how hard I try to make friends with other girls…I just can’t. Either the only thing in common we have is our taste in nail polish or they are too catty. Sometimes they already have their own groups of friends, and they just aren’t looking to expand that group for a girl with a baby. What sucks the most is when I actually make an effort, and I don’t feel like it is returned.

Sometimes I meet other girls, and I feel like we actually connect with one another. We have a great time chatting, and at the end of our time together I’ll say “Hey, add me on Facebook”, and they will. That’s usually the extent of it though. They never message me, and I never message them. After that our hopeful friendship becomes nothing more than liking each other’s pictures and statuses on a social media site.

Then there are times where I’ll take it one step further. Sometimes I get up the courage to message them asking them to hang out. Usually they plan something and bail. Sometimes they follow through, and then the whole outing is just too awkward. Maybe the spark of our first meeting is just gone.

I’m probably going to sound like one of those cliche girls who says “I hang out with guys because they are less drama”, even though those are the promiscuous ones who secretly have flings with each one of those “friends” (No, I’m not judging you). But seriously, guys are less drama. It’s much easier to click with a guy who isn’t totally fixated on talking crap about that skank from science class.

Anyways, whether the reason I’m not good at being friends with girls is my trust issues, lack of courage, or awkwardness or theirs…I guess it’s still difficult. I still long for more than just “Sup?” conversations with my guy friends. I long for late night girl conversations with my best chick. Oh well though. Someday that time will come.



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