Sorry That I’ve Been Busy

Hey, I’m awake, and I truly miss writing to you all. There are so many blogs that I’ve been brainstorming, not to mention that Jayce is 9.5 months old, and I still haven’t posted about him turning 9 months old.

I should go to bed, but I’m not tired. The motivated perfectionist in me is screaming “Jayce is asleep. Go be productive”. Blogging is a cross between productive and relaxing, so that’s what I’m choosing to do.

Things have been busy. I’ve been so stinkin’ broke, so any free time when I’m not doing school or taking care of Jayce, I’ve been doing whatever I can for my parents to earn some side cash. I cleaned 2 of the 3 of our bathrooms from head to toe. Then I went down to my dad’s shop and cleaning the bathroom there. I also went through papers on his desk and filed them. There were papers from 2013, so you get the point that my dad is not necessarily the most organized fella around.I can’t complain though. My dad’s lack of organization is aiding in the possibility of me purchasing a beautiful turquoise ring sling soon! *Fingers crossed*

Also, I want to learn how to crotchet. I went out and purchased some yarn and hooks. I’ve been browsing through YouTube getting some ideas. My sister-in-law is the one who really gave me the push to pursue. If she can make blankets, hats, and scarves with a 3 year old, 1 year old, and  baby on the way then I can fit the time into my busy schedule with just the one baby.

I’m hoping that soon I will take the time to go through and clean up old blogs. I might even play around with my theme and try to freshen up this blog! I just feel like I need to try something new and make a change, especially because lately I’ve been posting on “The Life of a Crunchy Mama” (feel free to check it out).

Anywho, I just wanted to give you an update on things. Hopefully I’ll find the time to blog more over the course of the next few weeks to make up for posts that I’ve been slacking on posting.



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