Writer’s Block Randomness

Writing is my passion. I remember the excitement I felt in elementary school when the teacher said “You will have to write a paper…”. While everyone else cringed and rolled their eyes, my eyes were listening to every word the teacher said. I would ask questions to make sure that my paper was perfect. My paper was always done early because I enjoyed writing, and I didn’t want to stop.

That being said, I don’t always know what to write about. While writing is my passion, picking out topics to write about just isn’t. Therefore, I am writing about writers block, and I suppose this is where you will quit reading, and you will think that I have way too much time on my hands.

I really don’t though. I always have a way too long list of things to do, but I would much rather skip all of that to talk to you!

So maybe this is a waste of room on my blog. It’s probably a waste of your time, and it’s probably a waste of mine as well. That means we just may totally be lame enough to be friends (Just kidding, I’m sure you’re way too cool to be my friend).


I don’t really have friends, but I really like the show. I’m actually watching it right now. I LOVE having background noise on. Jayce is currently napping, which means YAY!

I can’t believe my baby is almost ONE. It’s scary actually. It feels like he was born yesterday. I still remember his smell. I remember kissing him while he cuddled up on my chest all covered in afterbirth.

My birth story is pretty interesting, but I suppose everybody says that. I wrote a blog about it once, but it’s been a while. I’ve learned so much about how to improve myself as a blogger, but at the same time there is still so much to learn. Maybe I will update it at some point or rewrite it altogether.

Summer. I feel like all winter long I long for summer. I remember craving wearing shorts. I remember being excited to put my peanut in shorts. I was excited that I wouldn’t worry about going in the ditch and freezing to death (I worry a lot).

Winter. Cute little jackets. Soft, white snow. Sledding, skiing, snowboarding. Cookies. Fireplaces. Snuggly babies.



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