Months 9, 10, and 11

My baby has been growing up. As anyone who has kids will tell you that the older they get, the more difficult it becomes. You have to chase them around. They don’t take as many naps, and do to this, I have been totally slacking on posting Jayce’s 9 and 10 month pictures. Now that he’s 11 months old, I think that adding them all together would be a good compromise to avoid the guilt of my busy, stressful lifestyle.


By 9 months old he was “officially” a crawler. Before that he was scooting around on his belly, but by 8.5 months, he had it all figured out. People tried to give me grief about how long it took him, but all babies work at their own pace.


He was not a fan of letting the “9 month” sticker on his belly, or next to him. As a result, it ended up going on his forehead. He is a smiley, momma’s boy and at 11 months that it still the same. He had two teeth on the bottom.


By 10 months my peanut was pulling himself up on furniture. He will grab at anything on any counter top that he could reach.


He still had his two bottom teeth, and his hair is getting blonder and blonder. It still has a little bit of a red tint to it.


And today marks 11 months. It is scary to think that in just a month he will be a year old. I’m planning his first birthday, and it seems like it’s coming up faster that I can take.


Jayce has beautiful blue eyes (like his daddy), and pretty blonde hair (like his daddy). It has a red tint to it, and is super curly in the back. We don’t really know where he gets that from.


He points. We encourage it now, but in a few years will be telling him that it’s rude (LOL!). He claps, gives high fives, gives kisses, and is the sweetest little boy I’ve ever met.


His hobbies including spending time with his family (especially his momma), doing whatever he is told not to, eating things off the ground, and nursing. He still refuses to eat “big people” food. Him being a long term nurser can only benefit him though.


He is getting big so fast. I love seeing his personality change. He is the light of my life, and I am beyond words proud to be this little boy’s mommy. I will forever do my best to show him how loved, capable, and smart he is.


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