Isaac’s First Father’s Day

I suppose you read the title of this blog and had to do a double take. Like, wasn’t Father’s Day months ago? The answer is yes. The truth is that I really am months behind on my blogs. I feel bad that I’ve been slacking. I will slowly do my best to catch up.


Last year was technically Isaac’s first Father’s Day, in my opinion at least. But this year was his first year spending a Father’s Day with a sweet, interactive baby boy. I would say that his first Father’s Day was a success. He came to church with me in the morning, and afterwards we came back to my house for some lunch.


I decided to make Isaac a card from Jayce (and I). Isaac is a major Star Wars fan so I found Star Wars related ideas on Pintrest, and when I was in South Dakota I went to Hallmark and found this cute little thing. I taped in on a blank piece of paper, wrote “Daddy, YODA coolest” on the outside and wrote about how great a daddy he is on the inside.



Then I found this shirt on Etsy. I am obsessed with Etsy! 🙂 Anway, I wanted a shirt that pertained to being a father, but I also wanted it to be neutral for him to wear all the time. I thought this shirt met all of those requirements. Isaac wears it all the time!


Now that the card and shirt were Star Wars related, I knew that I couldn’t just get him something else that did not match the theme. So I knew that I wanted to incorporate a picture of Isaac and Jayce together with galaxy print paper too. I went to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and couldn’t find any galaxy paper. I bought galaxy duct tape for a compromise. I then covered paper with the duct tape, wrote “You are the greatest FATHER in the galaxy” on it with a silver Sharpie. Underneath I put a cute picture of Jayce and Isaac.


Isaac’s first Father’s Day was definitely a success. Being able to ensure that Jayce and Isaac got to spend it together was absolutely amazing! I love my boys, and I love what a wonderful father Isaac is to my baby boy.

So happy WAY belated Father’s Day to all of you wonderful dads, single moms, dads in heaven, dad’s taking care of other people’s kids, and anyone else that deserves a thank you 🙂



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