ONE year old

A year ago today at this time I was probably asleep on a hospital bed with my son right next to me. I would pick him up so gently and stare at him. I would nurse him when he cried. Earlier that day, that same little baby was placed on my chest. I kissed him and held him for the first time. That day changed me.


This  is one of the first pictures I’ve ever taken of him. I was so anxious to meet him and when my six pound peanut was FINALLY here I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe he was all mine.

Here are some pictures to reflect on:

one month.jpg

One month

two month.jpg

Two months

three month.jpg

Three months


Four months


Five months

six month.jpg

Six months

seven month.jpg

Seven months

eight month.jpg

Eight months

nine month.jpg

Nine months

ten month.JPG

Ten months

eleven month.jpg

Eleven months

And now…

twelve month.jpg

Twelve months

This was the fastest year of my life. It was the best one too. Jayce has learned to roll, crawl, sit up, smile, laugh, wave, point, give high fives, blow kisses, stand, say “bye”, “hi”, “dada”, “mama”, and “love you”.

Words can’t express how proud he makes me. He has given me a reason not to be ashamed of having a baby as a teenager because I am just so proud to call him mine. I can’t even wrap my head around why God chose me to be the mother of someone so wonderful. His sweet, cautious, loving personality is the reason I push myself. It’s the reason I do good in school. It’s the reason I wake up every morning.

So Happy Birthday to my favorite little boy, the love of my life, my whole heart.

P.S. I will write about his birthday party as soon as I can too.


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