Apple Orchard Fun

Jayce is only 13 months old, but from the time he was born so many new things became important to me. I craved making memories. I desired forming newfound traditions. Because even if he couldn’t remember all of this, it was definitely important to me.

Anywho, my sister-in-law and I like to get together once a week to hang out. Sometimes we go somewhere that is fun for the kids, and other times we just hang out at her house or mine. This past week we went to a local apple orchard.

We stopped on it, bundled the littles up in warm clothes, and picked away.


Jayce clearly didn’t get the concept, but he was perfectly content sitting on the ground watching everyone else pick! I love having such a laid back little boy who joins me  in all of my adventures and is my sweet, little sidekick in day-to-day life.

We got 8 lbs. of apples (primarily concords). We only paid $8 for it! That’s a great deal for toxic free deliciousness. I hoped that Jayce would try an apple, but he still doesn’t eat any solid foods (maybe that’ll be my next blog).

After that, we went to spend the day shopping for Halloween items and just spending quality time with some of my favorite people!


(Sorry that this blog is so short.)


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